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Foot And Ankle

St. Cloud Foot and Ankle Center

Podiatrists located in St. Cloud, MN & Paynesville, MN

Foot and ankle injuries are excruciating and can limit your ability to walk, run, exercise, or participate in daily activities. The podiatrists at St. Cloud Foot and Ankle Center are experienced in treating these injuries, which include fractures, sprains, and more for people living in Central Minnesota. If you live in or near St. Cloud, Becker, Paynesville, or Melrose and have a foot or ankle injury, receive treatment right away by calling or scheduling an appointment online.

Foot and Ankle Q & A

Did I fracture or twist my ankle?

It can be hard to tell on your own. Falling, twisting, or rolling your ankle inward or outward can cause a sprain or fracture of the ankle. Symptoms of a sprained or fractured ankle may include:

  • Pain, swelling, redness, bruising
  • Feeling or hearing a pop or snap when an injury occurs
  • Having difficulty or not being able to walk after an injury

Since treatment for an ankle sprain is different from that of a fracture, the first step is for the doctor to determine the full scope of your injury. This will involve an X-ray or other imaging studies, such as a CT or MRI.  

What is the treatment for an ankle fracture?

Your treatment and recovery depend on which bone is fractured and the severity of the break.

Sometimes, an ankle fracture can be treated with rest, ice, elevation, and compression using an elastic. Certain fractures require immobilization, which protects and restricts the ankle with a cast, splint, or boot.

The doctor may also recommend prescription pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs, or over-the-counter medications. However, sometimes surgery is needed.  

What is the treatment for a sprained ankle?

The treatment for a sprained ankle depends on the severity of the sprain and the damage to the injured ligaments in the foot. They can be stretched, partially torn, or completely ruptured.

For an ankle sprain to properly heal, early rehabilitation is needed. This can include:

Physical therapy

Your doctor and physical therapist will work with you to strengthen your ankle and improve balance. You may also receive sport-specific training customized to your activity goals.


Some people benefit from an ankle brace to help support the ankle while it heals.


NSAIDs (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can help with pain and swelling.


In severe cases, surgery may be required to mend the damaged ligament(s). If you develop chronic ankle instability, surgery could be an option to tighten or repair the ligament(s).

Proper diagnosis and treatment for an ankle injury are crucial to ensure you heal properly. Contact the podiatrists at St. Cloud Foot and Ankle Center right away if you suspect an ankle sprain or fracture. The offices in St. Cloud, Paynesville, Melrose, or Becker will see you right away when you call or make an appointment online.

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